[ What The Dog Did ]

Watson Poodle (not that innocent)
This is Watson. Pure bred black-hearted Poodle. The love of my life and the bane of my existence. Anything woolly, anything quilty, anything lovingly crafted by me would appear to be fair game. I needs beware ...

Dorset Button [before] - Dorset Button [after]
Dorset button workshop Sunday 17 March 2013. Dorset button stolen from coffee table and deposited on floor [chewed] - Monday 18 March 2013. Bad dog ...

Three balls of Heirloom 5-ply 100% Australian wool purchased for knitting of baby ensemble. One ball of Heirloom 5-ply 100% Australian wool stolen from knitting basket and dragged across living room, over the blue sofa and twice around the coffee table. Bad dog ...

Roll-top baby sock [pattern prototype]. Stolen from my knitting bag while I was writing up the pattern notes. It was hot off the press and I am, once again, cross with myself for leaving my work within reach. He is a bad dog, but it's really my own fault. :(


  1. How did I miss this?! On Watson you darling if naughty boy! What a gorgeous chap he is :D

    1. He is gorgeous Annie, but SO naughty! I have more to add here, but I haven't had the courage to photograph his latest misdemenours. Suffice to say the remedy will require many hours of frogging and re-knitting to mend the hole ...


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