Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I can learn from the dog

I was sitting in the car early this evening, twilight fading; parked on the busy main street of our town, with cars flitting by in a whirl of white and red lights.

I had grabbed a noteook on the way out the door, just feeling as though my head was so full that I could not make sense of it all. My brain has a mind of its own ... At the top of the page I have written "EMPTY HEAD", and then I have jotted down a random list of unconnected things:
  • think about people that I find inspiring (and why)?
  • work on tapping into local culture, and;
  • creative networking
  • on having too many things that I want to do
  • make time for meditation (empty my head)
... and inexplicably ends with:
  • What I can learn from the dog.
... and I really don't know where that came from. But it does rather demonstrate the "my brain has a mind of its own" thing.

I started writing this blog to establish a sort of record of all my makings and creative thoughts. But lately I have come to feel as though I am having to work at making it work and struggling against some unspoken pressure to keep it moving. (Are you still with me?)

With the necessary routine of domestic life and the busyness of work, maintaining a dynamic and fresh presence in the bloggy world, is in the end, really just more work. And that's not what I had intended at all.

That aside, I am very rarely idle and without some "makings" and "doings" to hand. My mind is busy with everything and nothing. Every day I think of something new that I would like to make, or some design that I could develop. But there is only one of me, and I am tired and slow, and have finally learned that I must patiently finish those things that I have begun before I launch into the latest-great-thing on the menu.

I seem to exhaust myself just  thinking about all that I want to do and am often confounded by the constraints of my role as Corpus Domestica (I just made that up, but you know what I mean). I find it interesting that my list started out with "doing" type things, but finished with "being" things, i.e. to
  • make time for meditation, and; 
  • what I can learn from the dog
The dog (Watson): joy personified (or dogified if you're being picky). He is uncomplicated, unguarded; finding wonder in small things. A collector of twigs and leaves, cardboard boxes and empty milk containers pilfered from the recycling basket; a chaser of balls, and bugs, and dust bunnies from underneath my comfy chair. He is light and life and love; untiring and boundless, living moment-by-moment and ever ready for whatever will happen next. Unworried by expectation, self-imposed or otherwise.


The first thing on my list was that I wanted to reflect on who I find inspiring, and who would ever have guessed that it would end up being the dog.

There need not be any great urgency to bring every idea to fruition. There is a [significant] limit to what one lone person can do in a day; it is good to stop, to empty my head, and take inspiration in the simple reviving joy of a dog.

And now that my head is empty and my heart is at peace I think I will go and pick up my knitting.

x x x


  1. There shouldn't be any pressure for you to blog Evie, Do what the dog does & enjoy life. work on what you feel like working on & blog when you feel like blogging on....:) We'll all still be here to read & see what is important in your life when & if you choose to share!!

    1. Feel like I've had a bit of a dummy-spit! Thank goodness for the dog and friends like you Lois. I constantly struggle with the tension between what I must do and what I would rather be getting on with. I know that the pressure is all self-imposed, but can't help feeling as though time is short and I won't fit everything in. But none of it really matters in the end. Am joyfully anticipating a day of grandbaby quilting tomorrow. Baby will arrive soon quilt or no quilt!


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