Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh Goodness!! It's Tuesday January 1 2013, I'm afraid I really did fail to notice!! In case you haven't realised I'm a bit useless at the moment. My body is not my own to command and so I just have to follow where it takes me and do a fair bit of reclining, with pills. White round ones, and oval shaped ones and little blue ones that are so pretty it seems a shame to swallow them down. However, they are making life much more bearable, for me and also for those around me. In fact, my husband thinks it's a terrific idea (He says I'm ever so much happier now). But there's not been much stitchity stuff happening, just a constant source of verbal-ness on facebook and and newly discovered foray into Pinterest. Still getting the hang of that thing though (tell me, is it really that good?).

But my great disappointment is that I had planned on spending this quiet holiday time finishing off the long overdue wedding quilt, started for the eldest of my darlingest girls and her dear T-Rex almost two years ago. It is pieced, and tacked and very nearly mostly quilted, but I just need to push through those last hours of quilting ... and (ahem) those last hours of unpicking ... some of that quilting that is in no way up to scratch.
This pic just shows the finished quilt top, but I have actually quilted right out to the final stripey border. It took me a whole day just to do that outer stripey border bit before I discovered that the tension on my machine had gone awry and the back of it looks like some new fangled form of lace lovingly worked by cloistered Italian nuns circa 13th century. Lovely on the fine hem of a ladies gown I'm sure, but certainly not suitable for the back of a wedding quilt. Hence the unpicking. Metres of it. I'm just not up to it today. Oh, and while we are here and looking at the wedding quilt I guess you might like a wee peek at the beautiful bride at her final fitting. She wore a vintage 1950's gown, fitted like it was made just for her, and she looked like a princess ...
She still does. Ah, drinkies ... Gosh! Look at the time ...

 So bottoms up, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. It's definitely time for my blue heaven - The quilting will just have to wait ...

Much love, as always, oh and Happy New Year!!
Evie xxx


  1. I just found your blog here today Evie.....I'll have to make sure that i drop in often :)

    I'm sure that your daughter knows that the good things are worth waiting for. Ellis & Tanya got engaged nearly a year ago now & i still haven't finished the afghan I've been making for them either! It'll happen.......

  2. Oh, hello my darling girl. I am so glad you found me. We always seem to catch up in cyberspace, but so rarely in real life! A reflection of our physical reality perhaps ... These things will one day be completed, one stitch at a time and then we will celebrate. Let's talk more. Love love,
    Evie xxx

  3. I love love love this quilt! It is so beautiful! I can just picture it in our ideal house - which is less about the high light-filled ceilings + wooden floorboards and more about the joy that only time spent with family can bring - thank you for this precious gift. Love you,

    <3 the princess and the pea (who is more the size of an avocado this week - yikes!)

  4. One day these things will come to pass. Finishing quilts is my achilles heel, definitely. But Aunty J will keep me on the straight and narrow, never you mind. Quilt will be on the bed just in time for baby pea to be wrapped in it's love. xxx


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