Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dressing Coat

Meet "Jane"
 Oh, ain't this from a bygone time? Today I have started slowly working my way through a jumble of old knitting pattern books. I do believe that many of them are from an era so bygone that there will be no redemption available for them - ever. You know the kind I mean. It's the 1970s stuff. Knitted His-and-Hers matching cardigan sets with cables and bobble designs down the front, teamed with  tartan trousers and what was at that time considered a seductive come-hither arch of the eyebrow. They are being stacked in the "Interesting yet strangely compelling" pile. But this one, "The Dressing Coat", now ain't that grand! It is quite simply called "Jane", and requires 8 ozs of either "Nursery Viyella", "Yiyella", or "Ramada" Super Fingering Wool, 3-ply in yellow; 2ozs, (ditto) in orange; 1 1/2 yds. of ribbon; 1 pair of No. 9 and 1 pair of No. 12 "Yiyella" pins. Hmm, that sounds attractive, doesn't it?
 But think of it knitted up in this beautiful Madelinetosh Tosh hand-dyed merino lace in "Sugarplum", or some other of her scrummy woodland inspired colourings, or perhaps something pearl-like and seductive.

or how about this gorgeous Debbie Bliss extra fine merino Rialto Lace in "Citrus". Just how wonderful would it look then? Fresh and up to the minute. Class and Style both with Capital Letters. I don't know much about "Viyella", but it doesn't give me a very good feeling somehow. But a wickedly soft and natural merino yarn, drapey and softly, softly, now that is starting to make me all touchy-feely ...
 My other vintage find of the day is this darling confection, aptly named the "Lady's Bed-Jacket with Marabout Trimming"
I have not yet looked into "Marabout Trimming", but it does look attractively fur-like, sensual and just the thing to entice your man out of his smoking jacket and into his boxers. But seriously girls, have any of us ever attempted such a contrived composition prior to the bed-time nuptials? Well, maybe if you were a *working girl*, but even then, you'd have to be *working* at the big end of town, and at least have expected oysters a-la-natural and a suite at the Hilton for afters?

But I digress, and you really want to know all about the pattern I guess ...Once again it is based on the lovely "Nursery Viyella", "Yiyella", or "Ramada" Super Fingering Wool, 3-ply, in white (how virginal). You would also need 1 pair of No. 6 Viyella needles, 1 crochet hook No. 9, 7 pearl buttons (now I'll admit that's classy), 1/4-yard of 3-1/2" wide marabout trimming for sleeves, 1/2-yard of narrow width for neck.

I have the rest of these patterns here, safely stored in a sleeve and about to be filed in a lever-arch dedicated to the storage of vintage treasures. If you would like a PDF copy I would be happy to scan and email. Just leave me a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you in a prompt and courteous manner.

But for now, I am spent, my day is at it's end. My household has retired and all is quiet. Nothing remains but for me to don my Lady's Bed Jacket with Marabout Trim, bouffe up my fake blonde wig and pout a little.

Sweet dreams,

Evie xxx

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