Friday, March 1, 2013

Autumnal blessings

I have been waiting for this day all Summer long. Each year as the months tick by I am in mortal dread of the days of heat and humidity to come. Though February has drawn to a welcome close and we have slipped overnight into Mad March, it does not necessarily follow that we have yet escaped a day or two, or dare I think it, week more of sticky weather. But for today, it has been cool, slightly chill even, and the rain has been steadily weeping onto the trees and the roads, filling the gutters and running headlong into the creek at the back of our bushland home.

My rainy morning was spent in the execution of necessary domestic duties; ironing the washing that had ceased to become washing and had sadly morphed into ironing. Here I was ably assisted by my dog-of-all-works, Watson, which meant that it took twice as long to do said ironing. Throwing the ball down the stairs, scolding the brat for attacking my woolly ugg-boots, and rescuing stealthily-retrieved contraband from this chewing monster took up an equal amount of time.

Sneaky sneak-preview: Evie-May Designs (ta-da!!)
By lunchtime I had given up on achieving any more in the housework department, and retreated to the comfort of my comfy armchair to set out upon my next venture, namely the conjuring up of stitching patterns. I have had this in mind for ever so long, and now is the time to, as they say, carpe diem (an oldie, but a goodie methinks) ... In the next few weeks I hope to get my Etsy store up and running and see whether these little babies will fly. Whether this mischief will be managed or no, time will tell. So, wish upon a star for me, if you will?!

And now that evening is past it's full swing, the meal is done and dusted and the household starts to languidly wend toward bedding down, it is once again time for me to repose and contemplate tea with figs and knitting. Even the dog has ceased his endless treadmilling and has flopped on a rug at my feet. With more rain forecast for the weekend I am happily anticipating another day or two of knitted bliss. Happy Autumn my friends.

Evie xxx

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