Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Quilt 2013-1: In The Beginning

 I bit the bullet. Today, this afternoon in fact. I riffled through the fabric stash like a mad woman and hunted out several likely contenders for Baby Quilt 2013-1. I've put dash-one because I have a vague notion that I might just make another baby quilt after this one. So many fabrics . . .
I had to clear the decks a bit before I could get to the cutting board (why do I collect so much stuff??). I have decided on circles. Red, blue, maybe a smidge of yellow. Who knows? As I pulled the rotary cutter from it's drawer I had that small flutter of excitement that always comes when starting a new adventure. There's not much of a plan. I will keep it simple. But I always love this journey (well, the beginning bit anyway). Will I finish? I expect so; nothing like a deadline to keep me on track.

Block number one is kind of looking like this so far. Only 34 blocks to go  . . . Some will be pieced (like this one) and others will be fussy cut from those Cat In The Hat prints, so reminiscent of my own childhood. I have fiddled with a few more blocks and I'm kind of happy with my little beginning. But that's it for today. Time for a cup of tea and some quiet knitting with the dog. Playing always seems to make one so tired . . .

Evie xxx


  1. Love that cat in the hat fabric. can't wait to see this quilt emerge!

    1. I love it too Lois. Was looking for red and aqua fabrics and these just fitted the bill perfectly. I still remember my father reading Dr Seuss out loud when I was a kid. Will post some updates when I get to it. :)


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