Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm a sucker for the pretties

Oooh, this caught my eye when I was at the Springwood Quilt Show on Saturday. It's a whimsical piece; a brooch fashioned from reclaimed wool fabric, and cotton and lace, and all hand stitched with Turkey red thread.

I adore the gorgeous little Wind In The Willows style vintage button sitting atop this circular bundle. I bought it from the maker and designer, Alexandra Callow. I keep looking at it and picking it up and wondering whether I could possibly part with it. I know it's only a little thing, but I did buy it with the intention of giving it away to one of you.

So, just because I am a generous soul, and I would like to spread some friendship around, I am offering this brooch to the world. Well, to one of you (I don't know who yet). So please leave me a comment in the box below or on my facebook page, and I'll let Watson pick me a winner at the end of the weekend. I don't mind whether you live around the corner, or across the globe, if you think you could give this little trinket a loving home just drop me a line.

I did take some photos at the quilt show, but I was unsure about whether I could post them without permission (plus they turned out to be pretty dodgy in any case). I would link you through to Alexandra Callow, but I can't find her anywhere here in cyberspace. I would like to see more of her work, I might see if I can track her down for future reference.

x x x x x x x

I have been working at reorganising my sewing space and all my "resource materials" [read hoard of stuff]. It's taken much, much longer than I had anticipated, and I'm not there yet ... but nearly (very nearly). I've also been reflecting on how much pressure I put on myself because there are so many things that I want to make and to do, and yet so many things that remain unfinished. But I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday (while knitting in the car), and I realised that it doesn't have to be a race. No-one is standing on the sidelines with a stop-watch, and there is no prize at the end. So, now I am writing lists:
  • things that I have started and not finished; [trying not to feel overwhelmed here]
  • things that I have not started but need or want to make for other people;
  • things that I want to make just because they are beautiful or inspiring;
  • all the upcycled projects that are running around in my head. (that's partly why my hoard keeps growing)
 So, it will need to be steady-as-she-goes Evie. As someone famous once said, "Rome wasn't built in a day, and they had slaves" ...

Don't forget my little brooch giveaway!

Yours in peace and calm,

Evie xxx


  1. So pretty.....pick me pick me!!!!

    1. Your name is in the hat Lois! Thanks for always dropping in to read my bloggy stuff; and I love that you leave me comments too. :) After finding this little brooch I just want to go and play brooch-making (but going to work on the baby quilt today or it will never get done!). xxx


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