Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mending poor Bunny

Poor Bunny has been languishing in my mending basket with a very bad broken arm for years. Really, years and years. Probably five at least. Which tells you a lot about what a big priority mending is. I don't know why, but this afternoon I took pity on him, what with his severed arm and all that.

The vintage button tin was first stop in our quest to reinstate Bunny's limb, followed by a length of good strong hemp and that dangerously long doll-making needle that is safely stored in the drawer with other sharp-edged sewing tools. I love this natural hemp fibre, so strong, so earthy; redolent of brown paper packages tied up with string ...

And it really only took a very little while to stitch Bunny's arm back in place. With buttons and string and a very long needle and just a *bit* of apologetic love.

See, all better now.

Good as new!!  The man-child has long outgrown having Bunny on his bed, so I am thinking he may have to take up residence in my chair for a bit, just to make up for all of those lonely lost years.

Bunny must be ten years old at the very least, possibly older. He was cobbled together with cotton drill fabric found in a second-hand shop, and some hand-me-down fabrics pulled from my patchwork stash. The pattern was an early design from Sandra Paull of Sun Valley Primitives.
I'm kind of pleased that Bunny is back out of the basket. And I secretly think that he is too. Oh, what's that Bunny? Pipe and slippers and a pot of tea in order?? Seems he has also got his voice back. This could just get out of hand . . .

Yours in redemption,

Evie xxx 


  1. You'd better make sure that bunny stays out of puppy's chops!!

    1. Yes indeed ... Bunny's residence in my chair was short-lived. He is now propped up high on a table in the family room and has a terrific view of all the action in the kitchen. Puppy was just a little bit too interested!

  2. Yes, indeed ... I hadn't thought of that! Wouldn't want to see Bunny turn up in "What The Dog Did". :)

  3. Poor Bunny indeed ... you've shamed me into fixing Old Brown Bear here, who's been waiting for at least ten years to have his leg sewn back!

    1. I'm sure Old Brown Bear will be most grateful to be reunited with his absent leg Annie! I don't know why we put these things off. It really only took me ten minutes or so, and now it is done. Would love to see a photo of Mr Bear with his leg back on. :)


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