Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yarn Cakes

Yeow! How lucky am I to be loved by my friends!! One of my work buddies gifted her dear old Mum's wool winder to me a couple of weeks ago. And so I just had to try it out to make sure that it works ... 

I have spent just a few hours re-winding half-balls, and ends-of-balls of wool into happy yarn cakes. These pretties had presented as long and floppy half-balls of 3-ply baby yarn; much more satisfactory, and who would recognise them now! So very neat and compact, and stackable.

 And the other half a ball of sock yarn, re-wound into a lovely centre-pull rolly-polly. This is my first entrelac sock by the way. :)

This alpaca yarn came in soft and loopy bundles, and re-rolled they take up much less room, and sit one on top of the other without falling out on to the floor.

 I never knew how much happiness this wool-winder gadget could bring. :)

Yarn storage is one of those tricky things that plagues every knitter/hoarder of wool. Apart from tidying up messy odds and ends, this is a fabulous way to introduce some uniformity into your stash, especially seeing as balls of wool aren't particularly stable items. These yarn cakes have a lovely flat bottom, and so they do sit and stack quite nicely upon the shelf.

But more than that, there is something mesmerising in the blurring-whirring of twirling yarn; in turning the handle and seeing the dancing-jumping messy tangle on the floor rapidly taking on ordered form. It speaks to that corner of my being that strives for perfection. It's a small enjoyment in the scheme of things, but I am finding it oddly satisfying.

If you're a knitter, and you don't have one, I'd suggest you go and see if you can forage out one of these for yourself. Yarn winders away!

Evie :)


  1. I bought a Knitpicks one a few years ago...not too happy with it though :(

    1. Aw, that's a bit of a disappointment. :(
      Mine is an oldie, so maybe it's a case of they-don't-make-em-like-they-used-to! Maybe keep your eye out of eBay (you never know). xxx


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