Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fat Quarter De-stash

I started re-arranging my sewing stuff a couple of days ago, initially because it's high time I did a de-clutter, but also because over a short period of time I have swallowed up far more space in this house than is my lot. I want to retract and compact.

And in the process, I have determined that I have far more fabric than I will ever use in my lifetime. Row upon row of beautiful fat quarters sit within wire drawers, untouched and unregarded for the most part. I am so often now a slow worker. Once upon a time I would wield the rotary cutter across swathes of folded cloth, whiping up quickie quilts in the wink of an eye. But no more.

I prefer slow stitches now. Hand piecing little hexagons, or turning applique pieces with a fine needle. And then there is the knitting to consider.

In turning my attention to the surplus patchwork pieces I found that there was much that I could spare. And much that I would be happy to part with, especially to aid an amiable cause.

I have bundled up little packets of fabric and tied them with string. There are also a few lengths suitable for backings, a stack of charm squares and a pile of orphan blocks.

Two cardboard fruit boxes sit stacked in the corner ready to deliver to the Springwood Winmalee Bushfire Quilt Appeal. I also found two finished quilt tops that I can happily donate as well.

I have reserved a couple of unfinished projects that I will attempt to finish and hand over by the end of the year. The fabric will help of course, but finished quilt tops would be even more welcome.

It feels good to part with previously-coveted stuff; I think I feel lighter already. :)


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