Thursday, November 28, 2013

Little Santa and the Etsy Store

Last week I was working on getting my little Santa pattern knocked into shape, with a view to FINALLY getting my Etsy Store up and running. Making my own patterns has never been a problem; so many times I just sketch something on paper, cut it out and stitch it into existence. But taking my fudged-together paper bits and taking them through the transformative design process has long proved to be a stumbling block.

But this time I was determined to push through the pain barrier and work it through to completion. And I did. It took my entire weekend to tweak the pattern, produce the sample (thereby testing my own instructions), tweak the pattern again, take a thousand dodgy photographs, and finally get to the point where I thought it was done.

And then we come to opening an Etsy Store ...

There is no such thing as just-opening-an-Etsy-Store. Fair dinkum, it felt like writing a job application for a position for which I was ill-qualified! I confess to being quite the novice, and not exactly possessing a head for business, it became a long, drawn-out, and tiresome exercise. But I was as diligent as I could possibly be, and I now have my shop up and functioning, complete with polite little policies, a few pretty pictures, and a PDF pattern!

It is hopefully the first of many. A meagre offering perhaps, but it does feel so very good to have put a drop in my bucket of dreams. I have two more little Christmas projects nearing completion, and the patterns are already a good way through the design process. At the moment I'm just having fun and enjoying the satisfaction of making sweet little things.

Wish me well my friends!

Evie xxx


  1. Good luck, Evie. It's a lovely looking Santa.

    1. Thanks so much Lorelle, it's just something little, but you have to start somewhere! We should have a cuppa sometime in the holidays. :)

  2. Ooh, congratulations on opening your store! And I love your Santa :)

    1. Thank you Annie! I always love it when you pop in to say hello. It has been such a thrill to finally put my shingle out. Haven't sold anything yet, but Etsy is such a big place! You are doing marvellous things with your WWI knitting project over on Knitso - wish I could participate, but I am trying to be realistic about my time and my skill level. Wishing you well from afar. :)


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