Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secret Socks

Knitting + Spare Moments = Secret Socks
Knitting + Spare Moments + Thinking = Rambling Thoughts

Pondering the rhythms of life
That aren't really rhythms
But are more like waves crashing on the shore
Sometimes a raging sea; wild and uncontained
A swirling, churning, bruising, swallowing, dragging swell
I bet you know it all too well
+ + +
Yet other times held soft and warm
Afloat, becalmed; Anchored by some sturdy means
The waves are waves no more, than ripples on said distant shore
I cannot find a rhythm here
The tides will come
And tides will go
There will always be ebb and flow
The constant thread that I hold to
Is all I make and all I do
Though some may think it all is dust
Need drives me on - create I must
Still knitting ... happily

Nearly there.

Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel-wolle in Herbstwind 1507
Purchased at Morris and Sons, Sydney on Bushfire Thursday 2013

Secret Socks are a secret because they are a gifty for someone who won't expect them :)




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