Friday, January 31, 2014

Summer greenery (and finished socks)

Hot summer days and warm summer nights. Not all that conducive to knitting. But they are done; the Highland Socks. Picked up here and there, to pass away spare moments, or as a way of relaxing at the end of a weary day. I have also gone back to full-time work after, um, about eight years I think. Knitting time has been suddenly and drastically diminished.

Yes, there are two socks (with 'erbs)
My boys are picking up the slack around the house, now that I am not so very available. While facebook has its detractors, I just love it for the way that it links my friends, and most conveniently, my family, together. I have groups set up for (a) my very closest friends; (b) my reading group (c) the quilters (d) my extended family, and now (e) my co-habitors (otherwise known as "the boys").
It is so easy to post a message asking my son to bring in the washing, or my husband if he would cook dinner. He ALWAYS says yes. :)

We love to eat outside, under the big cedar trees. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee ... it's like having our own outdoor cafe most of the year round.
And apart from scrubbing my bathrooms, mopping my floors, hanging out washing and cleaning up the kitchen, they have also been digging in my garden, planting new plants to take advantage of the rest of the growing season.

We have been grateful for a little bit of rain here and there to get things going.

The boys have also been re-arranging furniture for me, moving bedrooms from one end of the house to the other, but more excitingly, they have moved all of my fabric and yarn and my desk and my cutting table into my new sewing room. Not that I have had time to organise it yet. Maybe tomorrow, before the heat of the day sets in. After that, it might just have to be a lazy afternoon, with a glass of wine and some stitching under the cedar trees.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Evie :)


  1. Wow Evie...a big move going back to work full time!! At least the guys in your house sound like they're willing & able :)

    1. Big move indeed; spur of the moment decision to seize an opportunity, and loving it more than I ever imagined. It is all made possible because I am blessed with a quiet room and a sofa for my lunch-time nana nap! :)

  2. I do hope all is going well with the new job.

    We use facebook for family messages too, it works really well doesn't it.

    1. It's all going swimmingly Annie. The facebook thing is working *reasonably* well, though I do sometimes have to employ the cry of the banshee too ;) And I started a new pair of socks last night (finally, a pair for me!). Will catch up on your posts soon. I don't know where the time goes now that my days are so full ...


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