Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Summer holidays and highland socks

My husband is a bush-bashing 4WD enthusiast. For months and months he has been anticipating a post-Christmas trip into the Victorian high-country for a dose of dust and dirt infused camping. I can't say that it would initially have been my holiday of choice, but in recognising that we have to live life in order to live, I put on my happy face and prepared to tag along ... with knitting. I have been calling it "my knitting holiday".  Euphemistic much ...

So, on 29 December, with the Jackaroo packed to the rafters with tents and sleeping bags, crates of food and fresh water, we set off from our Mountains near Sydney to the Mountains near the NSW/Victorian border. Despite our high Summer there were still patches of snow visible on the high peaks as we drove through Thredbo.

We crossed the head of the mighty Murray River at Tom Groggan, which is also the border between New South Wales and Victoria. River crossings are ever so much fun!

The boys got the full force of all the action. I sat in the back ... I tried to knit ... but I really couldn't manage much knitting when things got rough.

Wild dogs beware ...
Tall trees, blue skies, crisp mountain air. So very beautiful.

Up the mountain, and up and up and up. Are we there yet?

Still going.
Mount Pinnibar, looking towards Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia. The ridge-tops are lined with the ghosts of forests-past; they look soft like velvet from this distance. It was one of those magical light, bright and airy days, and atop the wind-swept mountain there was nothing but wild beauty on every side.

And tiny signs of life all around

Our fourth (or was it fifth) water crossing at Shady Creek was pretty dodgy, and despite taking a good line through the creek, and *nearly* making it out the other side, we ended up with the front wheel suspended in the air over a giant rut, and come to a stop we did.

Those plastic surfboard thingies came in handy after all. Placed under the back wheel, it gave us enough traction to push out of the rut and get back on the road again.
We camped at Wheeler's Creek for several nights, nestled in a sheltered valley beside a pristine trout stream. The boys braved the icy-cold water; I was grateful for the solar shower option offered by our generous friends. :)


There was a rustic and whimsical logging hut at Wheeler's Creek. There are four rudimentary bunk beds and an old pot belly stove, still in working order I presume. It is never locked, and seems to have been preserved and respected.

CC and I playing Edwardian ladies and knitting socks (me, not CC)

Campfire Dinner - Happy New Year!

Our final day saw us drive the logging roads from Wheeler's Creek to the Davies Plain track via some dodgy not-often-used trail. Where we got stuck again. Our new winch came into play, again hauling us out of a muddy, watery ditch just as the spitting rain started to fall.

I used the time to search out minutiae and play with the close up settings on my little camera.

I braved an OUCH for this photo

Back at the Murray River again

Passing through Thredbo and heading home

Heading up the Monaro Highway ... and still knitting
And now that we are home and all the trappings of our camping adventure have been disgorged from the 4WD, I find that I am still reliving the adventure, remembering the beauty and the sense of wonder at being five small humans drawn deep into wild places, accessible only to those with a capable vehicle or a holicopter! And still I keep on knitting those highland socks. The first one was finished last night and I have cast on for the second. They will always remind me of a cool place in Summer, of the generosity of friends, and of rivers and mountains and wilderness scenes.

Happy new year everyone.

Evie :)


  1. Sounds like a great trip evie :) glad you're still knitting on....i've lost my knitting mojo these last few months, can't wait for it to reinstate itself!!

    1. The trip was way more fun that I had anticipated Lois. Just goes to show that if you expect the worst it usually turns out to be much better! Still knitting on, though I have had to slow down a lot 'cos things have been so busy here. Will make a date to see you soon (with knitting). :)

  2. Green? Me? You bet! What an incredible place! What an amazing trip!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

    1. It was a truly memorable trip Annie. Watch out for more adventures this year!


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