Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Calm in the birdhouse

I know it is late, and I must hit the pillow soon if I am to function in the morning, but the birdies in my crochet basket are calling me cheekily, and I think I had best go fatten one or two up while I wait for sleepiness to descend ...

It has been impossible to get back to my creative space during the past two days. Sometimes I have to go to my other job and I know that at those times it is not worth trying to juggle all the balls. Dinner was the result of throwing green things into a bowl, tearing up a BBQ chook and leaving the family to help themselves as they came in the door.

Watson in his basket
Crazy quality time with my puppy, Watson, is an absolute must when I have been away all the day. He is growing so fast and just loves the game of life. Today he got to spend the afternoon with Rosie-the-Wonderdog, our gorgeous Border Collie cross. They have dug up a good section of the garden and spread much of it over the path. Goodness knows what has been chewed up, and buried to be played with another day ...

And then the drinking of tea by the softly softly lights in the little white birdhouse has reminded me that really and truly, so often it is the simple things in life that restore calm and peace. And now, I am off to crochet ... (just a bit) ...

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