Monday, December 3, 2012

Finally, a Sewing Kit!

Mondays always seem to get so cluttered with jobs that need doing and errands that have to be run. After a stinking hot couple of days at the end of last week, yesterday we experienced a day of cloudy weather coupled with a thousand little showers of rain. It feels so crazy to have such hot, hot weather one day, and to be drying a family-sized quota of washing in front of the gas fire on the following one. By this morning all that washing had been sadly transfigured into baskets of folding and ironing *sigh*. I really couldn't abandon myself to stitching until it was all done and dusted, out of the way, back onto hangers and into cupboards. I take inspiration from one of my very dear friends, who declares that she doesn't have ironing baskets. And so I occasionally assist myself on the road to virtue by doing the same.

Ironing was followed by foraging for food at the local grocery shop and feeling smug about having something in store for an evening meal for a change. So now, as I sit here writing, I am anticipating a succulent roast lamb and glazed root vegetable dinner teamed with a glass or two of a smooth red wine. The reality might be more like crusted shoe leather with vegetable charr, but I'm sure the wine will make up for any deficiencies in the meal.

By afternoon I felt at my leisure to make my way to the top of the stairs to sit in my quiet space, to sew, and to drink tea, and to sew some more.

Hexagon pincushions are so cute and easy to make!

After finishing my sewing project bag yesterday I really wanted to add a couple of accessories to make it into a more usable kit. These little hexagon pin cushions are very sweet and don't take too long to put together. I had fun fussy-cutting flower motifs from this soft grey print and playing with different ways of arranging them. This one is made from 1 1/4 inch hexagon papers, and the finished pincushion is about two inches in diameter finished. This size is great for holding tiny little applique pins.

Mini Thread Roll - this one holds up to seven reels

The thread roll is based on a larger one that my DS made me for Christmas last year. I find it so handy, and I never have rolls of thread flying off the table and rolling across the floor anymore. I thought a mini-version would be fantastic for a project bag, as you rarely need your whole thread collection at once.

So here is the finished kit - ta da! I made a simple needle pocket as well. The flip side has a couple of wool felt flaps for holding your needle as you work, or for those extra large flower pins. I reckon this bag would be great for those paper-piecing projects, or for stitchery or cross-stitch bits and pieces. I get to give this gift away at the end of the week, so I really hope my friend will love it as much as I do. I think I might need to make another one for me ...


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