Saturday, December 8, 2012

Random acts of Christmas

I have done this stuff before, and now I find I'm at it again. But it's something special for Christmas. It's been muddling around in my head for weeks; will I do it this way, or will I do it that. And then I rummaged through my stash of wool, pulling out balls of yarn that might just suit my purpose.

In my corner chair at night, in the quiet by lamplight, the workings began. I started by knitting with the woolly-soft red yarn, the one that is thicker in some parts and thinner in others, some of it almost the texture of roving. It knits up quickly and my needles go clickety-clack as I churn out row upon row of wobbly-looking fabric.

But it looks like a strange unshapely thing, and so I start to crochet all around the edges in a chunky yarn, cheap and cheerful and just right for giving this big amorphous thing a little definition.

Phase two of my dreamed up workings; a Christmas message, short and sweet ... well, truncated really. Each piece is knitted in the chunky white yarn, the one I bought at K-Mart. But it needs some colour and so a crochet edging is added in green, yummy limey-green. And now it all looks like some sort of sweet and delicate icing confection. Now leaves, one. two, three, and berries red to finish it off. It's a simple thing, though I have thought about it often enough that in the finishing it feels like a masterpiece. 

Today I have washed and blocked everything and made it presentable. I have chosen early Sunday morning to do the deed. I will lash it to a bleak chain wire fence in a shopping village not too distant from home. My hope is that in a world of hurry, rush and bustle, it will be a happy thing, a smile-maker, a little bit of out of the basket homespun Christmas cheer. And I wonder what other random acts of Christmas might be happening beyond the borders of my realm ...

Evie :)

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